Cannot access the WebBios on LSI MegaRaid 9260/9265


You start your system, and when the LSI bios appears, you hit ctrl+H to access the WebBios. Nothing happens, and the system continues to access the next drive in line for bootup order.


The WebBios will not start on some motherboards unless you press the key during the POST that allows you to select your Boot Device. On an ASUS board, you will probably have to hit F8. EVGA boards use F11. This will depend on your exact board, but you must press the key that allows you to pick your boot device, it should be on your splash screen or manual.

Once you have done that, wait for the LSI Bios to appear, and hit ctrl+H during that part. The motherboard will now present you a list of devices to boot from. Select the MegaRaid card and the WebBios should now appear.

Doing this may result in your boot device order being mixed up. Make sure you enter your motherboard settings and reset the raid controller as the first device to boot from if you plan on booting with it after adjusting settings in the WebBios.

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Thanks for tip Gary. I'll add a bit to your great advice. On a SuperMicro X8DAH Motherboard there is a BIOS setting to allow remote BIOS's to pass IRQ 17 by default this is disabled by switching this to ENABLE I was able to get into the webBios.


Bill McGonigle

Thanks, big help. On my ASUS board, I needed to actually select the RAID card as the boot device in order to get the WebBIOS to come up.



Thanks for that. Worked perfectly on my EVGA board.



It's F11 for my MSI Mainboard.
Thanks & Big ThumbsUp from my side too :-)



Thanks for the info, it worked perfectly on a HP Z800 - key for boot device being F9.


SilentCrush Admin

I tried the solution, but unfortunately I cant get into the Webbios of my IBM x3850 M2 Server. When i press F12 for the boot options, I see the controller and the text "Press <Ctrl> + <H> for WebBios" but when I press Ctrl and H it tells me "WebBios will be executed after POST." When the POST is finished I goes directly to the boot options. And I can select any RAID Card (I setup a RAID 1 with my 4x 146GB 15k SAS Harddrives) for a option to boot from. In the BIOS for the Motherboard I selected that the system can boot from the RAID Card. I dont know what I should do now.. I need to get into the RAID Controller BIOS because I cant install my Win 2012 R2 Server to my RAID 1 Array. (the IBM Raid Drivers just do not work)

When you have a possible solution for this problem, please let me know ->




Thank you for documenting this. I need this trick to enter the WebBios on a 9270-8i on an Intel DH67CL Board.
(using F10 for Boot Selection).

At least on the Intel board the choice of boot device is not terribly important though I think? I always choose the DVD-Rom and it works.



Equipment: HP DL380-G5, LSI MegaRAID SAS 9285CE-8v

I saw the same symptoms on an HP server (hitting ^H had no effect). It seems that the remote console (HP's ILO) was swallowing the ^H key events before they were received by the server's BIOS console interface

WORK-AROUND: create a remote console "Hot Key" through the ILO web interface that sends '<L_CTRL>+h' to the console. Hitting this hotkey when prompted by the LSI BIOS output then triggered the WebBIOS startup once the POST completed.



In my case (with an old ASUS mainboard, P5B-Deluxe) i had to ENABLE the option "Interrupt 19 Capture" in the BIOS, to access the WebBios from my LSI 9270-8i RAID-Controler. I also had to choose the controller as my first BOOT-Device.

Thanks for your help!


Daniel Bowne

Life saver! Thank you.



Don't forget to plug in the SFF connector correctly, make sure it snaps in. Your LSI won't show up in the bootmanager if no drives are detected. I stumbled into this issue today.



Fantabulous piece here !



Thanks Gary, I got new MSI x299 MB and this LSI raid card, I hit the F11 key asn was able to get into the web interface for the LSI card.